Write Down the Tools Used in Sales Promotion Activities

Write Down the Tools Used in Sales Promotion Activities

Write down the tools used in sales promotion activities – sales promotion is one of many types of marketing strategies.

In conducting marketing promotions, we can still categorize sales promotion as a marketing technique that has a high success rate.

What kind of sales promotion is it? Friend, to understand more about sales promotion and the tools in carrying out sales promotion, see the following article.

Write Down the Tools Used in Sales Promotion Activities

Definition of Sales Promotion

Sales promotion is one of the marketing activities that serves to trigger purchases, by utilizing the use of props, demonstrations, exhibitions and others.

Sales promotions or sales promotions are flexible, because the types of promotions that business people do in sales promotions can adjust to the amount of budget they have.

The purpose of sales promotion is one of them to increase product awareness or brand awareness, so that consumers realize that the product ‘is’ around and can be obtained.

In addition, the function of sales promotion is also to increase consumer loyalty and beat competitors.


Sales Promotion Tools

There are several tools used in sales promotion, including:

Trade Show

A trade show or often using the term ‘Expo’, is an event that a company holds to showcase its products, usually along with a demonstration of how to use the product or just a display.


A company holds a competition or contest involving buyers, thereby attracting the attention of other potential buyers.

In these contests, they generally mention or introduce the products they offer by inserting a slogan or product image around the contest location.

A brand will generally display its products in a contest by sponsoring the event.

Free Sample

Free samples or free samples are another tool of sales promotion. Free samples are products that the seller distributes for free to target consumers, in order to show the quality of the product so that consumers make purchases.


Discounts or discounts are a sales promotion strategy in attracting consumers to make purchases, by reducing the price from the proper price. Usually the discount is valid within a certain time limit.


Coupon or voucher in the form of a piece of paper that entitles the owner to profit from a place of business.

For example, a free meal voucher at a restaurant, or a 50% discount clothes shopping voucher at a boutique.

The benefits written in the voucher can only be applied to the voucher holder and can be exchanged immediately.

Usually, company vouchers are given through an event or promotion through social media. So the winner is entitled to the voucher.


The strategy for conducting the lottery is to include a number of consumers, then choose the winner at random.

The strategy that companies often do is, consumers have to buy a product, then find a number of the product. If the number is selected then he will be declared the winner.


Sales promotion that most often uses this strategy is using social media publications. Giveaway is a strategy by giving prizes to a number of winners with certain conditions.

For example, participants must follow the account of a brand, then write comments about the advantages of the brand and tag some friends on the social media page of the brand.

Buy one get one free

Buy one get one free is a promotion that we have known for a long time, and we can say it is an ancient strategy.

However, buy one get one free is a strategy that is very worth it and worth trying, because the success rate is very high. Especially for Indonesian consumers who really like free products.

Money Return Over

A money back guarantee or money back over is a strategy that sellers often use to convince consumers not to be afraid to buy their products, because if the product doesn’t fit, consumers can get their money back.

Thus the discussion of the question: write down the tools used in sales promotion activities along with their explanations. Hopefully my friend can understand it better and see you later.

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