Mention the Various Print Media for Displaying Advertisements

Mention the Various Print Media for Displaying Advertisements

Mention the various print media for displaying advertisements – There are various ways to display a product advertisement to reach consumers. One of them is the use of print media.

So what are the print media that can be used to display advertisements? Friends, to be able to answer this question, please refer to the following article.

Mention the Various Print Media for Displaying Advertisements

Definition of Print Media

Print media is a means to convey information that is useful and related to the interests of the general public, the delivery of which is in an express or written way.

In general, the material used for the production of print media is paper media, the presentation of information on print media is usually in the form of text or images.

Before being in the digital era as it is today, print media has a very large role in conveying information.

So that at that time the delivery of information was quite limited and slow, because the spread of print media took a longer time if we compared it to the dissemination of information through digital media.


Print Media Advertising

After knowing the definition of print media, now is the time to understand about print media advertising. What is a print media advertisement?

Print media advertising is one of several types of advertisements which are spread using print media.

Examples of print media include newspapers, magazines, tabloids, books, brochures, posters, billboards, banners and so on.


Types of Print Media For Advertising

As explained in the previous point, there are several types of print media that we can use to display advertisements, including:


Newspaper media or newspapers are media published by a publishing company, which prints in the form of ink on paper which incidentally is a low-quality basic material.

In its function, newspapers carry news about issues of politics, sports, crime, weather and so on.

Publishing companies also receive wages from advertisers in return for showing their products to the newspaper. So advertisements in newspapers are tucked into a number of existing pages.


This print media is a mass media that contains things about the interests of its readers. There are fashion magazines, recipe magazines, horror magazines, sports magazines and so on. Magazines usually have prints with high quality ink and paper.

Magazines contain a collection of articles, stories and advertisements and more. Magazines have the size of quarto or folio paper which then becomes a book form. In terms of publications, magazines have a regular schedule. For example, once every 2 weeks or once a month.


Broadly speaking, tabloids and magazines are almost the same, but tabloids usually have fewer pages than magazines. Magazines can reach 200 pages, while tabloids only have 40 pages.

In addition, the print is in the form of a sheet of broadsheet paper which is then folded like a newspaper. The publications of the tabloids have the same regular schedule as magazines. For example once a week, or once every two weeks.


Print media books usually contain stories, knowledge, stories and so on. The types of prints are usually in the form of half quarto or half folio which then become one.


If in the previous print media the advertising content was only in the form of inserts or joining the main content, then the advertising brochure was the sole content and did not mix with other content.

Because brochures do function to market one ad, they have quite a few pages.

Usually just one sheet of paper, containing information about the product in the form of images and text. Using ink and paper with high quality and coloring made as attractive as possible.


Poster print media is a form of leaflet in the form of graphic design, containing text and images that invite public attention.

If the banner contains information about the details of a product, then the poster is more about highlighting the artwork created to attract consumer interest in the product.

Billboard (Billboard)

As the name implies, Billboard or billboard or billboard is a type of print media that uses the basic material of the board.

These boards are usually very large and are found on the roads to be seen by many people. So that the products on Billboard can reach potential consumers in large numbers.

Banners (Banners)

Banners or banners are print media in the form of long cloth, the contents of which are logos or slogans made with attractive colors.

Thus the discussion of the question: mention the various print media to display advertisements and their explanations. Hopefully my friend can understand it better and see you later.



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